Financial Services Client

Lacklustre to bright and bold!




Wigmore Street, London



12 weeks


Business Moves,Sustainability & ESG,Interior Fit Out,Commercial Furniture,Property Acquisitions
From drab to fab!


Wigmore Street in London, is just behind Oxford Street, with the office being located on the 4th floor of the building. Logistically our delivery was challenging with no access to a lift, the building being multi tenanted, with both commercial and residential tenants, and our only access being via a narrow staircase, so our planning had to be meticulously planned. With the introduction of hybrid working, coupled with poor and uninspiring facilities, the office was hugely under utilised.


Due to the constraints of the building, a refurbishment hadn’t been carried out for a long period of time. This provided us with a big opportunity to make a huge difference to how the workspace looks, feels and operates, to maximise the potential and utilisation of their flagship HQ! As we were able to temporarily re locate the team during the refurbishment, this enabled us to take the space back to its shell, so we can maximise and modernise every inch.


Starting with the shell, we were able to completely change the flow, aesthetics, facilities, and the size and location of all rooms and spaces to create a modern and agile environment. We were able to improve wellbeing, natural daylight, energy efficiency, digitally transform the meeting rooms, provide comfortable break out areas and spaces to relax and visually make a huge impact. Ultimately, we have been able to empower the team to make their own choices of where and how they want to work, allowing them to deliver the best experience for themselves and their clients. Now the office has found its energy again and the office utilisation is now up the maximum capacity! Its great to see the staff happy, engaged and proud of their new home.