Humble Beginnings for ChargedEV








8 weeks


Interior Fit Out,Commercial Furniture
ChargedEV has been incredibly successful, achieving record growth! Having worked from home during the pandemic, staff were hungry for a space that inspired them, enabled collaboration, provided them with an environment to develop new ideas and to develop and grow as a team.


Best value! Every client wants to get the most out of their investment, so it was our challenge to achieve as much as possible, within the tight budget parameters. We sourced cost efficient furniture pieces, using splashes of colour to bring in the branded elements. Our trusted supply chain worked incredibly hard with us to achieve the design intent, with the most cost effective materials, methods and means of installation, ensuring our labour and raw material costs were as efficient as they could be.


When designing Charged EV’s new workspace, a large open canvas with exposed ceilings, enabled us to maximise the light, flow and personalisation of the space extremely well. We were able to create a space that works for the business today, but with enough flexibility to adapt and change as the business develops over the coming years.


Space V’s Function V’s Aesthetics Finding the perfect blend between them all! Bringing together our commercial, design and delivery team to the table at the same time meant we achieved the very best out of each stage as possible. This detailed focus in the early pre construction stages allowed us to deliver on time, and on budget!
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