Hunters Estate Agents

Doing more, with less!






1,800 sq ft


5 weeks


Interior Fit Out,Commercial Furniture
Embracing hybrid working to create a high performing hub for the whole team


Hunters definitely weren’t short of space in their existing space, but due to the age and layout of the building, the team was split up over 3 floors, in various separate offices, so lacked a collaborative feel. Our challenge was to create a hybrid workspace in a much smaller floor plate. We needed to do more with less.


Hunters new space is a modern energy efficient building, with exposed ceilings and a large glazed front. This gives us the perfect opportunity to create a space which attracts as many customers as possible, whilst providing a healthy environment.


A little bit of everything is exactly what we were able to provide Hunters with! Welcoming client waiting area Focus Workstations, with High tech IT and AV Private meeting room Informal area for adhoc work on a laptop or phone Acoustic booth for less confidential conversations, but still providing privacy Secure storage We packed Hunters space with various multi-functional work setting to enable them to carry out all their differing tasks, as their day evolves.