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Creating Workspaces for All: Insights from Isaac Harvey MBE

At We Are Spaces, we’re all about breaking down barriers and designing workspaces that speak to the diverse needs of everyone. Recently, we had the privilege of chatting with Isaac Harvey MBE, a passionate advocate for accessibility and diversity in commercial spaces. Isaac’s journey, born out of facing unique challenges, fuels our commitment to creating environments that embrace diversity and empower every individual.

Beyond Ramps and Doors: Navigating Neurodiversity

Isaac’s perspective emphasised the importance of thinking beyond the traditional aspects of accessibility. It’s not just about ramps and doors; it’s about creating spaces that accommodate diverse needs, including those related to neurodiversity. At We Are Spaces, we’re not just talking the talk – we actively explore designs that consider sensory experiences and cater to different thinking styles. It’s not just about making spaces accessible; it’s about making them truly inclusive.


Designing for Inclusivity: A Commitment to the CIOB EDI Charter

Isaac Harvey MBE rightly pointed out that inclusivity in office design is paramount. Our commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about creating spaces that enrich the experiences of everyone. We believe in the power of trying, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what inclusive design means. By integrating accessibility features into our designs, we’re not just meeting standards; we’re exceeding expectations. And it’s not just a claim – as proud signatories of the CIOB EDI Charter, we’re practising what we preach. Our dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion is embedded in everything we do.


The Impact of Inaccessible Workspaces: A Call for Action

Isaac shared the profound effects of inaccessible workspaces, emphasising the need to address not just physical barriers but also those that hinder different thinking styles. The impact of exclusion extends beyond stress and productivity; it touches on the fundamental need for individuals to feel valued and included. We take this call to action seriously. Our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and commitment to continuous learning drive us to find innovative solutions to make our spaces more welcoming for everyone.


Leading by Example: Incorporating Neuro-Inclusive Design

During our conversation, Isaac highlighted the accessibility features of Aloft at the Excel Centre, showcasing how neuro-inclusive design can be seamlessly integrated. Inspired by examples like Aloft, we’re constantly innovating and incorporating solutions into our projects. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about leading the way in creating workspaces that set new standards for inclusivity.


Looking Ahead: A Pledge to Diversity and Inclusion

At We Are Spaces, inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an ongoing commitment. Our collaboration with experts like Isaac Harvey MBE and our alignment with the CIOB EDI Charter demonstrate our dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion. As we look to the future, our goal is clear – to be at the forefront of creating workspaces that not only meet but exceed the expectations of a truly diverse and inclusive environment.

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